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Gift Sets & Bundles

Gifting, entertaining, and self-care made easy with our bundles & gift sets. Level up your hostess gifts, send products to the one you love, or treat yourself just because...

Date Bites

With a hint of sweetness and brownie-like texture, our date bites are the perfect day-time treat in two bites. Made with jammy dates, whole nut butters, and spices that both nourish and satisfy.

Chocolate Bark

Decadent, delicious, and date-able. Our dark chocolate bark is all about the chocolate, crafted in small batches and sweetened only with dates. We top it with 1-2 ingredients to let the flavors shine through.

Superfood Mix

We couldn't find a fruit & nut mix we loved, so we made the mix of our dreams. The perfect formula? Dark chocolate chunks, spiced nuts, and specialty fruits in interesting flavor combinations.