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We ship Mondays - Wednesdays via express shipping services in order to delivery ahead of the weekend, so that you're treats don't melt in a warehouse over the weekend!

When your order ships, we’ll send you a tracking number so you can keep up to date on when your sweet treats are delivered.

Right now, we only ship within the continental U.S. One day we hope to expand!

Because our products are perishable and require proper storage, we can not accept returns. If you have issues of any kind, please reach out and we'll do our best to make it right.

Storage & Shelf Life

Date bites can be enjoyed up to 6 months from the date of production, which is labeled on the package. Superfood mix is best consumed within 6 months of delivery and dark chocolate bark is best within 12 months of delivery.

Store all products in a cool, dry place such as a kitchen pantry, as chocolate can melt above 75F.

Do not place superfood mix or dark chocolate bark in the refigerator or freezer, as it will cause the chocolate to bloom.

Although date bites can be placed in the refrigerator, we do not prefer the taste, as it hardens the product.

Our dark chocolate is sweetened exclusively with dates, which have a higher moisture content than traditional chocolate. As a result, the chocolate can bloom when stored in the refrigerator or freezer, even for short periods of time.

Blooming is caused by the sugars of the dates crystalizing, leading to a speckled appearance on the surface of the chocolate. Bloom is unsightly, but does not harm the favor or shelf life of the chocolate.


Yes! We offer a complimentary hand-written note with each order.

Yes! We love gifting, whether you are treating yourself or gifting others. All of our products are presented in modern, minimal gift packaging. The box your products ship in will also included added touches to elevate the experience.

We can only deliver to one address per order. We hope to offer multiple address functionality as we grow. Thanks for your understanding.

Yes, we do offer corporate gifting for employee appreciation, deal closing, and more. Please contact us and we will work with you to build a custom order.

Ingredients & Allergens

There are so many wonderful reasons to use dates.

On the nutritional front, they are packed with antioxidants. In fact, they contain more polyphenols than blueberries. Dates are rich in fiber, which helps with digestion. They also enjoy a low-glycemic index, which eliminates the sugar crash that comes with conventional desserts.

On the cooking front, dates make a wonderful whole sweetener, as they come in many forms: whole dates, date paste, date syrup, and date powder, making it easy for snacking, sweetening, and baking. Their rich caramel flavor reminds us of brown sugar.

We eat organically and believe it is important for the health of our bodies and the planet. We use exclusively organic and hierloom ingredients. All of our products are produced in a certified organic facility.

Yes, all of our products are vegan and plant-based. We love a delicious cheese, but find fruits, nuts, and cacao taste delicious on their own!

Our products are naturally gluten-free, but are produced on equipment that also processes wheat products. That means there may be traces of gluten. We do plan to seek gluten-free certification as we grow.

All of our products contain nuts, nut butters, and/or coconut oil. Our products are also manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts and other tree nuts.

The Company

Spring & Mulberry is the intersection in New York City where Kathryn would meet her husband for pizza when they first started dating. Spring is also a time of rebirth, when plants and trees come to life, ultimately bearing fruits like mulberries that nourish our body and sweeten our life.

We believe that foods should be delicious and nutritious. That sweets should make you feel as good as they taste. That's why we trade up to antioxidant packed fruits, nuts, and cacao, forgoing all the bad stuff. Our products are sweetened only with dates, a nutrient dense super food with beautiful notes of caramel.

All of our products and packaging are designed, developed, and made in America. Our company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sustainability is so tricky and our goal is to approach it as thoughtfully as possible.

All of our packaging is manufactured in the US, which reduces the carbon footprint caused by shipping abroad. It also supports American business.

We also seek to use modern, minimal design in our packaging so that each element is necessary for preservation or protection of the product.

Our tins and cylinders are designed to be upcycled. The tins are are recycleable. All packaging used in shipping is also recycleable.