Where Sweet is a State of Mind

Our travels (and sweet tooths) have taken us around the world, and if there’s one thing we noticed at the markets we’ve strolled around, the tables we’ve gathered at, and the shops we’ve peeked into, it’s the depth and deliciousness of sweet that lies beyond sugar.
Jammy dates. Fruity, floral pollens. Rich cacaos. Tangy spices. And the magical fact is they’re excellent for you. So we decided to explore and bring together this wider world of flavor. To craft mouthwatering combinations that really take you places. To share treats that celebrate the true meaning of sweet and to savor sweetness in everything we do.
Our Guiding Principles
No Added Sugar
Our sweetness won't ever come from refined sugar or even from the latest fad sugar substitute because dates are simply better for you.
with Integrity
We source our beans direct-trade, ensuring farmers are paid fairly, crops are grown regeneratively, and our chocolate tests safe for heavy metals.
Whenever Possible
Our chocolate base will always be 100% organic and you'll find organic ingredients for any toppings identified as part of the ‘dirty dozen’.
We follow a plant-based philosophy rooted in whole, pristine ingredients from fruits to florals. Just think of us as a salad.
Welcome to the land of
Spring & Mulberry.