A trip to Dubai on the way to visit my husband’s family in India awakened me to the pleasure and beauty of dates, no longer relegated to the bulk bins of American grocery. Fast-forward a few years later and a cancer diagnosis led me to quit refined sugar and explore the healing power of foods. With nothing to satisfy my sweet tooth, I started experimenting with dates, fruits, nuts, and cacao, discovering a depth of flavor and range of sweetness that are the foundation of our products today.
Growing up in Alaska, nature was all around me, but produce came only from the lower 48. In fact, most fruit came in a can. It was a trip to Georgia in my early teens where I first discovered the pleasure of a ripe peach, just picked from the orchard. That began my journey to eat as close to the earth as possible, nourishing my friends and family with whole, pristine ingredients. Spring & Mulberry is a continuation of my desire to add sweetness to life.