A gift set of 8 date-sweetened chocolate bars, a set of four cocktail napkins, a menu & placecard set, and two hand-painted candles sits on a peach linen backdrop.
All eight of Spring & Mulberry's date-sweetened chocolate bars with no added sugar sit in two rows upon a peach linen backdrop.
A menu card sits on a linen peach backdrop. The menu card features a border of handpainted florals on a creamy white card.
A set of six placecards sits in a grid formation on a peach linen backdrop. Each placecard features one hand-painted flower in pinks, blues, voilets, and oranges and a handwritten name.
Ultimate Entertaining Collection
A set of two hand-painted tapered candles sits on a peach linen backdrop.
Spring & Mulberry | one of everything

Ultimate Entertaining Collection

Why choose when you can have one of everything? Our version of the fantasy gift list, this collectiong inludes all of our bars and entertaining accoutrements.

Dessert Napkins
Handpainted Candles
Menu & Placecard Set
All Bar Collection
Send a Little Sweetness
Our most popular flavors are ready-to-gift